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New to LE and red dot on leg

PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:26 pm
by Ravenfiree
Hi All!
My Name is Emily
Not sure where I am meant to post this
but came across this forum when searching information on LE
thought I'd join because I'm from Australia and so far it's very hard to find resources over here about LE
we only have some clinics but not alot..only 2 in my state (Victoria)
My legs were huge so i took it upon myself to find out what was wrong (by googling large/swollen legs).
I went to my Gp and she sent me for a ultrasound, blood test and all that (all came back clear) until finally she referred me to a GP at a public hospital and someone finally told me and diagnosed me with LE.
They sent me a referal to a proper clinic but i have not yet heard from anyone. So I've taken it upon myself to wear stockings and look after my legs until i hear from them

I'm 24 and was diagnosed with LE 2months ago it's hereditary and runs in my dads side even tho he doesn't have it.
My legs are huge but not to the point of severe yet.
I didn't ask for this as I was really upset when i found out what It was but i know with the right care and management I can eventually get my legs looking good even if it takes a few years.
I also recently found a small lump on my left leg on the side of my calf..its slightly red not sore or anything but there is definitely a small lump in it.
when i went to my GP she took a look and said it was nothing to worry about that it was just a small cyst people with LE get this true are these cysts dangerous or are they safe?

I joined this forum for support and advice from other sufferers as it's hard to find others in my area.

Any help would be a blessing

Re: New to LE and red dot on leg

PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:58 pm
by ma1290
Hi there, welcome to the site!

The lump could be a variety of things. This link provides some good info about what it could be:

If the lump starts to grow, spread, or look like an ulcer, get it checked out right away.