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Do not always trust your doctor!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 6:04 pm
by Cindy
I am so upset with my doctors. :roll: I want to hit something. I called my gp last Wednesday for help. I was in real pain in my right leg. It was a stinging and hot and tight feeling. Even my chin bone hurt. I had only a slight fever. But I had bad chills. Headach and sick to my stomach. It was his day off so they had a nurse talk to me. She did not know what to tell me. But she left a message for my doc. He never returned my call. On Wednesday night my fever spiked up to 101.9. The pain went up too. I waited untill Thursday afternoon to hear from my doc. Dumb :roll: I finally called his office. The same nurse told me he said to put my legs up. That is all. Don't come in. Just put my legs up. :evil: I knew he was wrong. I decided to consalt with another doc. She is a infection specialist. She sent right to the ER. I know I have Cellulitus. And maybe Mrsa. What would of happened if I had listened to my doc. instead of paying attention to my body????????? I am angery and frightened. I just keep hoping that the pain in my chin bone means nothing bad or should I say worse. I don't know what I would do without my infection doc. On the bright side the doc. in ER was great. And the Doc. on call from my doc.s office was great. He is the first doc. ot admit he knew little about le. And best of all he did his best to get all the imformation he could before he treated me. :D I am going to go to him from now on. So I think I will listen closer to my body since I live here.