Yes I'm new and I have a question and need help!

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Yes I'm new and I have a question and need help!

Postby Scrapyjen » Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:33 pm

I have lymphedema and lupus. I have had lupus for years and lymphedema was found about six months ago and I am already in stage 2. My problem is that I have a breaking out on my legs and can not find a cause for it. Every doctors sends me to another one and so on. The way I see it is that heat is one of the main causes so when I use the wraps that I need for lymphedema my legs will break out in the itchy itchy itchy rash. It drives me crazy. Does anyone else have this problem?
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Re: Yes I'm new and I have a question and need help!

Postby Moons » Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:43 pm

Try keeping your legs moisturized. I use Cetaphil since my skin does not like anything with a scent and it is in my opinion is the best I have found. Also are you using a cotton stocking between the bandages and your skin? Those bandages are really rough. My therapist actually prepared my leg like she was about to put a cast on. She would put the cotton stocking on, followed by wrapping the leg in cotton. She would also perform a lite massage before any of this.

I hope this helps and I wish you luck and health.

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Re: Yes I'm new and I have a question and need help!

Postby DeafEskie » Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:46 pm

Hi there.... I am new also.....and I think I know what your leg problem is.....I am very suprised your Rheumatologist has NOT said anything. i have had lymphedema five years or so. Doctors kept saying it was fluid retention.... N O T. Or maybe it was and became Lymphedema after a celluitis infection I had in 2006 that almost became a nasty bout of Staph....(it was awful).... was a wo und from a fall of course. Anyway let me back track a little bit here. I have had Psoriasis for 26 years, Psoriatic Arthritis for 10. Anyway..... My lymphedema is not as severe as most cases. Not sure what stage mine is----nobody has said anyting which is frustrating....Keep in mind I am disabled--born deaf-blind due to Congenital Rubella Syndrome.... and have a large multitude of late manifestations. The list is extensive.... Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthtitis (they prefer to put just Psoriatic Arthritis lumped into one disease now). severe scoliosis (both kyphosis and lordosis), Fibromyalgia, OA in spine, endometrosis (hysterectomy 2003), past depression issues, lymphedema, Premature Ventricular Contractions, (an arrythmia), had varicroise veins for years.... weight issues, Narcolepsy, chronic fatigue.... and, Hypokalema (low potassium), hypothyroidism, previous bouts of Borderline Personality Disorder (Remission three years, YAY)... All I can say is... whats next? All of that and I am only 45. I so desperately want to lose weight and live to be old. Will that be possible? Researchers do not know---not enough resarch done on CRS--we need MORE research done again especially on the aging CRS population (I am part of the majur rubella epidemic of the sixties). So when I started breaking out in my legs.... like little tiny blisters or "pimples"....nobody knew what they were except for my rheumatologist.. ****HE*** said it was classic lymphedema. Moristurizing does not always help. The only solution is to keep those legds with the least fluid as possible. For me, the Farrow Wraps are a Dream Come True. Stockings/Support Hose does not always work for me--latex allergy (could you be allergic to latex???????) and due to the Psoriasis. October 2009, three months after my sweet, light of my life little deaf-blind dog was brutally murdered by my husband, I fell walking the other dog (hearing dog in training). It was a broken curb... and yup you guessed it my legs were FULL of fluid at the time. That wound took a YEAR to heal and STILLLLLLLL dents when have fluid. The scar is really awful. .....

To clarify I am going to back up here and repeat the various solutions that work for me. IF legs are dry, hydrate with moisturizers. Be sure to use unscented. When shaving legs (if you are a female) be SURE to use a gel or something (Try Avon's it works awesome) to prevent knicks and cuts. Also use a razor for sensitive skin or at least close to that. I use the Farrow Wraps for 12-14 hours a day....They are expensive as hell but SOOOOOOOO worth it. Somebody asked me if I am on a specific part of medicare that pays more for those who are disabled (the person said a number... I cant remember now am getting over a NASTY cold)... if anybody knows about this please contact me privately--I need to know how to find out if I am on this or not like ai am supposed to be. Another thing that helps the breakouts.... use antibiotic ointment on them. YUP thats what my dermo said!!!!!!!!

Now I have a question of my own. Recently I was very sick with a nasty cold....the meds are making my acid reflux act up really bad yuck.

One thing you did not mention is what type of breakouts did you mean? Rash? Those little tiny bumps like tiny blisters? Let us know. This will help us to determine the best options for you. But if you are getting those it could be you are allergic to someting in the wraps or compression garments if you are using them. (Are you?) IF your compression is adwquate, you should NOT be getting blisters or breakouts.

Good luck I hope this helps. I also do not shave very often. In the summer I have to but in fall/winter I only do it like every few weeks.

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