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NOUN: A skin condition characterized by the development of recurring boils. ETYMOLOGY: Latin f runculus, furuncle; see furuncle + –osis.

See also: Chronic furunculosis is a condition where you have crops of boils that occur over a period of time. The boils can develop continuously, or occur from time to time.

Recurring boils (chronic furunculosis) If you develop recurring boils, your doctor may suggest some tests to look for an underlying cause. For example, to check if you have a poor immune system.

One cause of recurring boils if you are otherwise healthy is that you, or someone in your family or household, may be a 'carrier' of Staphylococcus bacteria. This means that a certain number of these bacteria live harmlessly on your skin, or in your nose. If you are a 'carrier' you tend to be more prone to skin infections and boils. In particular, these bacteria may quickly invade and multiply in broken skin following a minor cut or injury. Treatment with antibiotics and/or antibiotic nasal cream may clear Staphylococcus bacteria from 'carriers' and reduce the chance of boils, or other types of skin infection, from recurring.

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