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 +Nikolsky'​s sign is a skin (dermatological sign) finding in which the top layers of the skin slip away from the lower layers when slightly rubbed. When this occurs, it is a positive sign for  toxic epidermal necrolysis[5] and is associated with pemphigus vulgaris.[6] It is useful in differentiating between pemphigus vulgaris (where it is present or positive) and bullous pemphigoid (where it is absent) The test is named after the Russian physician Pyotr Nikolsky (1858-1940). ​
 +In a study released in 1998, it was also helpful (postive) in staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome. ​
 +Causes include:
 +Autoimmune condition (Pemphigus vulgaris)
 +Bacterial infection ( Scalded skin syndrome)
 +Toxic drug reaction (Toxic epidermal necrolysis)
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