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A cancer of the bone that occurs predominantly in adolescents and young adults. It accounts for 5 percent of cancer in children.

The site of the osteosarcoma is the most important prognostic factor since it determines whether the tumor can be surgically removed. Osteosarcoma is very resistant to radiation therapy. In children and adolescents, half of osteosarcomas arise from the bones around the knee. Osteosarcoma of craniofacial and other flat bones has good survival with complete removal of the involved bone followed by chemotherapy. Osteosarcoma of the axial skeleton has the greatest risk of progression and death. Up to 20 percent of patients have detectable metastases at diagnosis, with the lung being the most common site.

Osteosarcoma is also called osteogenic sarcoma.

Common Misspellings: ostesarcoma

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